iPhone Repair Power Button

The power button on any phone is one of the most commonly used buttons. You use this button to turn your phone on or off and you also use it to put your phone in sleep mode or to wake it up.

So for this particular button to go out on an iPhone, it makes it hard to operate. This keeps you from being able to quickly check you phone to see what time it is and things of that sort.

If you power button goes out, you have two choices. These choices are:

1. Get your iPhone Repaired by A Professional

If you choose to have a professional look at it (we recommend this), you can try to make an appointment with apple. You would first want to make sure that your phone is covered in warranty before proceeding. Although this may be an expensive route to take, it is a safer choice.

You can also try iPhone Power Button Repair Orlando. They offer great deals and all their employees are experienced. They are reasonable and can have your phone fixed in a timely manner.

2. Repair You iPhone on Your Own.

Although, this is the most commonly used option today, we do not recommend you taking this option. Even though it seems easy in the videos, it is really quite difficult to do on your own.

And lets face it, it is far more easy to pay to have someone else to do it than to try to do it yourself. Doing it yourself can be quite time consuming and then you still may end up doing more damage than good to the phone.

If you are going to do it yourself, here are a few little pointers than we have gathered.

  • Doing it yourself could dismiss your warranty if you have one.
  • You need certain tools in order to take the phone apart.
  • Finding the right part can be quite difficult. Both online and in stores.

We hope you find this helpful in making your decision!